International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees, Motion Picture Technicians, Artists And Allied Crafts Of The United States, Its Territories And Canada

Local B-192 Committees

Ex-Officio of All Committees

Nicole Miller, President

Benefits and Retirement Investment Committee

David Akins, Chair

Committee Description: The Benefits & Retirement Investment Committee shall be given a copy of the Annuity Fund handbook. The committee will make members aware that we have an Annuity fund and shall help investigate and assist with member's questions regarding Annuity Funds. The committee will check sporadically to ensure that the company is sending funds to members Annuity funds. The Benefits & Retirement Investment Committee will provide information to union members of any company offers for stock in the company, union plus advantages, and financial union investments that the committee suggests that the membership should look into for the local.

Committee Mission: To provide a series of methods for our members and our Local to invest in benefits that enhance our growth.


Communications Committee

Eddy Quintanilla and Andrea Cline, Co-Chairs

Committee Description: A small group of team members looking for ways to clearly and effectively maintain and improve the way Local B-192 sends and receives valuable information to and from the entire union membership so that together we can achieve common goals; such as job protection, improving safety standards, and attaining better wages, working conditions, and benefits, (such as vacation, health care, and retirement).

Committee Mission: To listen to our team members across many forums so that everyone in our union membership has an opportunity to respectfully voice their views or initiate action. We will work hard to interpret that feedback so that we can act appropriately for the benefit of each member and/or the entire membership.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Sandra Walls-Anderson, Chair


Contract Adjustment Committee

Christina Viramontes, Chair

Dues and Finances Committee

Manuel Cuevas, Jr., Chair

Good and Welfare Committee

Danielle Duboff, Chair

For a copy of our Good and Welfare form, please click here.

Health and Safety Committee

Jackie Aaronson and Julie White, Co-Chairs

Committee Description: We want everyone, not only committee members, to look for safety problems and health issues. We will follow up on all your concerns. 

Committee Mission: To promote the health and safety of our Brothers and Sisters of Local B-192 working at USH by creating a safe and healthy work environment.  

New Members Committee

Jason Farhang and Jorge Muralles, Co-Chairs

Committee description: The New Members Committee is a group of people from the Union. dedicated to providing new members with information and materials that would guide them to understand how their Union works toward their development, so they can share their knowledge with future co-workers in order to achieve better working conditions inside Universal Studios, Hollywood. 


Swag and Merchandise Committee

Manuel Cuevas III, Chair

Young Workers Committee

Manuel Cuevas III and Danielle Duboff, Co-Chairs