International Alliance Of Theatrical Stage Employees, Motion Picture Technicians, Artists And Allied Crafts Of The United States, Its Territories And Canada


"There is a direct relationship between the ballot box and the bread box, and the union fights for and wins at the bargaining table can be taken away in the legislative halls. - Walter Ruether"


IATSE PAC is a non-partisan, federal political action committee created in order for our union and its members to have a greater voice in the political and legislative process.

The IATSE PAC supports policy makers that fight to:

  • Protect and expand collective bargaining rights
  • Defend our pension funds and health care benefits
  • Eliminate so-called "Right-to-work" laws that enable free-riders
  • Enforce strong copyright protections
  • Protect funding for the arts
  • Ensure equality for all and oppose all forms of discrimination


  • Federal Law prohibits the use of union dues for political purposes. So, you must voluntarily sign up to contribute to IATSE PAC.
  • IATSE PAC is non-partisan. Funds are intended to support candidates who stand with workers, and against politicians who consistently stand against us.
  • Contributors to the IATSE PAC will receive a unique lapel pin to signify their commitment to standing up and fighting back!


  • Visit to contribute online and access additional resources.
  • Fill out and submit the IATSE PAC contribution form which can found here.
  • Local B-192 members can now contribute to the IATSE PAC via payroll deduction. Contact your HR representative to inquire about payroll deduction options. You can also find the form here.


Members of the IATSE local unions and employees of the IATSE - and their families - are the only individuals who may contribute to the PAC